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Seventh Sign History


Seventh Sign was originally started back in 1998 by guitarist Lew Bowman and vocalist Corey Donovan, the original line-up was Renee Harris (keys and vocals), Jeff Fire (bass, vocals and harmonica), Steve Harris (drums and vocals), along with Corey and Lew. Since then the band has undergone many personnel changes. Past alumni include Ken Nugent, Steve Carveth and Tony Barone (bass), Bob Scalzo (Guitars), Michael Tantillo, Dan Bird, Nick Perry (drums and vocals), Floyd Wendell, Marcangelo Perricelli (keyboards). The previous and (at the time) longest running line-up of Renee Harris, Dan Bird, Tony Barone, Lew Bowman and Corey Donovan won the NAMMA (Niagara Area Molson Music Award) for best rock band in Niagara County in 2000, with Corey taking the award for best male vocalist.

After a hiatus lasting several years, Corey and Dan Bird began talks about re-surfacing the band in 2009, Lew Bowman was living abroad at the time and unavailable to join up with the newly arisen Seventh Sign. This new line-up also went through several personnel incarnations over the years until the final was reached in 2018 consisting of Corey Donovan (lead vocals), Vinnie Andalora who replaced Dan Bird (vocals and percussion), Ted Weed (keyboards), Chris Bensch (guitars), Bruce Irwin who replaced Jeff Fire and Jim Harrington (bass and harmonica), and original guitarist Lew Bowman who replaced Bob Scalzo after returning to New York in 2012 (guitars, vocals).

In March of 2020, Lew Bowman had decided to step down from his position in Seventh Sign. Currently the band is searching for the next member of the family and looking forward to continually adding new material, honing their signature vocal harmonies and lead vocals that Seventh Sign is known for. Performing epic classic rock along with some more recent material, Seventh Sign will be searching new venues and events to perform at throughout 2020 and beyond…

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